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message from the webmaster

to all Witney and Woodstock ringers
please have a good look around the website

tower pages
each tower has its own page which currently just displays Dove's data
use the website to publish tower specific information, news, pictures, events ...
send content to the webmaster for inclusion - also any relevant links
any format will be accepted - see contacts for email address

the link below takes you to the Woodstock tower page that may give some ideas for possible content
Woodstock tower page as an example >

personal details
currently displayed personal details have been taken from the old website and from information gathered at the last AGM
inform the webmaster if you want your details added or deleted
contact email addresses are partly shown as images - to reduce the risk of trawling and spam

ensure that you have copyright or waiver for all submitted material for the website

photographs containing images of people must have their permission before submission to the website
for photographs that have images of children please see the guild child protection information on the guild page >

the site is constructed in transitional HTML just using HTML and CSS
W3C validated HTML and CSS main pages - some non-standard issues with Dove URLs and audio links